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2019 ATA Season

Another year’s season of ATA shooting at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club has come and gone.  This year was a bit different than years past.  First we had our first scheduled one day shoot.  The weekends in April were not cooperating with us during planning the shoots so we decided to have a one day shoot on the Saturday before Easter.  It actually worked out well with a good turn out of shooters.

May brought us another one day shoot, this one unscheduled.  Saturday’s events had a decent turn out for shooters and the weather cooperated with us enough.  Sunday on the other hand, the weather had other ideas than shooting, and we had to cancel the day’s events before we even got started.

In June, the club hosted the Wisconsin Northwest Zone shoot.  We scheduled three days of shooting and while hot the first couple days, the weather cooperated and we ended up with another good shoot.  


The Club and the Trapshooting Committee would like to thank all the shooters that made the trip to Eau Claire this ATA season. It is always fun getting to see friends from around this part of the state that we haven’t seen since last year.  It is also great getting to meet all new friends that are coming to shoot at the Club for the first time.  

We would also like to thank all the volunteers that help make the shoots happen.  If it weren’t for an amazing bunch of Club members coming out for the Friday of the Zone shoot to fill in while the trap help was all still in school, it would have been a complete disaster.  







To see the results and more pictures from this year’s ATA season, head over the the shoot schedule page and click on each shoots results.

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