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Rifle Range Openings for September and October 2019

The Range Officers have set a schedule for the rest of September and October.  More dates will be added as other RO’s are contacted and commit to dates and times.

You can find the dates and times that the range will be open at the new Rifle Range Calendar, or you can find it under the Rifle Range menu item on the main menu bar.  

If you are a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, or would like to become one and help out, please feel free to reach out to the club ( or to David Sanders ( at (715) 579-1451.  You can become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer by completing a NRA online course or by attending a class in the area.  There may be a class being offered in Colfax sometime in October.  We will try to get the word out when we hear when and where.


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