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February 2020 Newsletter

The February 2020 Newsletter is now available online.  You can click here to download a pdf copy of it.  If you want to catch up on some older Newsletters, head on over to the Newsletter page to see the ones that are available online. 


Wisconsin’s Oldest and Finest Gun Club”


Mark your calendars, Saturday, June 27th is the date! We are coordinating event details and times. If you have some ideas for the event, would like to donate, or would like to help volunteer during the event please contact the club. More details to come…


The Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club Newsletter is one of the best ways to learn about what’s going on at the club. Outside of getting ready for the upcoming year and end of year items, there isn’t a set schedule for newsletter distribution. Generally, when we have enough content to fill at least three pages, we’ll send one out. Or if there is something urgent to share or report, we will send one out. The annual goal is six newsletter per year. Costs per newsletter have averaged about $700 for printing and shipping the last two years.

We do have an archive of past newsletters on our website. We also have a few extra copies of the last couple newsletters in the Club House. If you happen to have any older Newsletters, or ones that are not listed on the website, please let us know. We would love to include some blasts from the past. You can scan them and send them to or drop them off at the Club House. Additionally, if there is something you’d like to see in a future newsletter, please let us know.


Thank you to all the members who provided feedback on the Pheasant Program over the last couple months. Most responses were provided via e-mail and shown below is a general summary of the comments received:

  • “My children are involved with the program and would hate to see it go.”

  • “I am opposed to using general member funds for the pheasant program.”

  • “I really enjoy the pheasants and have volunteered for many years.”

  • “As a member I support the program.”

  • “I support the program but I think the DNR should take more birds than they do now to release on public lands versus the bulk of the birds going to volunteers to release wherever they see fit.”

  • “The pheasant program is the main reason my family is involved with the club and I believe the program gives pheasant hunters locally more opportunity to harvest birds.”

  • “I really enjoy seeing pheasants in the wild and think sometimes, that could be an ECRG bird.”

  • “Not all members benefit from the program and I don’t what my dollars used by just a few members. The club can better spend funds elsewhere to benefit all members.”

  • “The R&G is a Great Club and I believe the pheasant program should be continued.”


The heavy, wet snows of November did their damage on the pheasant pens. ALL of the netting is currently laying on the ground with several broken posts.

We had planned on starting to replace the netting one run at a time this spring (multi-year project), however, most runs will likely need new netting this year due to tearing which will not be able to be repaired – won’t really know the extent of the damage until the snow is gone. Initial cost estimates are over $5,000 for just the netting with new posts estimated to be at least $500.

We did spend about $1,000 in 2019 for pheasant pen repairs; mainly in the spring largely tied to winter/snow

damage. It’s worth noting less than $1,000 was spent on repairs for the prior three years combined 2016 – 2018.


As noted in the November 2019 newsletter (available on our website) the program was historically funded through the work of a club member, Romie Spannel, who would work to raise funds specifically for the program. However, over the past few years, the Pheasant Program has been supported with general member funds with no other support being provided through funds raised specifically for the program itself.

We asked for input from our members on their thoughts for continuing to support the Pheasant Program with general club funds. Many noted the club should continue to support the program, while others do not want general club funds being used as those funds could be allocated elsewhere for the benefit of all members.

The spring pheasant order needs to be placed by the beginning of February, the chicks are received in May (kept in brooder houses), with the pens needing to be ready by June. Therefore, due to timing, per the January 13th, 2020 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted to:

  • Continue the program, but cut the number of birds raised in half.

  • Work to keep spring repair expenses to a minimum by only repairing half the pens – ideally the pheasant runs to be used can be repaired with the existing materials on hand due to the overall reduction in pens.

  • Continue to supply the DNR with the same number of pheasants. With the number of pheasants raised decreasing, this essentially doubles the percentage of birds the DNR receives to distribute on public lands.

The motion passed by voice vote 6-1.

Continuing the program in this fashion allows us to fulfill one of the club’s primary goals, “To assist in the propagation and preservation of fish and game…” but also reflects the club’s concern with fiduciary responsibility, member concerns, and proper utilization of club funds.

Additionally, if future funds are raised or donations are made specifically for the pheasants, the program has the room to be able to expand in future as we will not be utilizing that area for anything else.


The schedule is available on our website with additional copies in the Club House.


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