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Trapshooting to Resume

The Board of Directors and the Trapshooting Committee met last night and discussed the reopening of the Club for trapshooting.  For all of you who have been getting itchy trigger fingers and want to be on the range breaking clays, or trying to at least, we have some good news.

Trapshooting will resume at the Club starting Tuesday April 28th and Wednesday April 29th.

Governor Ever’s Safer at Home Order, Order #28, has classified shooting ranges as essential businesses. The FAQ page that is downloadable from the State of Wisconsin page (or just click here) specifically lists shooting ranges (page 16) as essential and therefore can resume business operations under the proper guidelines.  

Starting Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, April 29th, the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club will resume trapshooting for Opens, Banks and Shoot Ahead scores only.  The Handicap and 16 Yard Leagues have been postponed until June, unless the Order is changed prior to the May 26th end date, or more structured opening guidelines are released.

This will require us to manage the facility differently to keep up social distancing and implement safety protocols, such as limiting contact, safe distancing, washing hands and AVOIDING THE CLUB GROUNDS IF YOU ARE SICK. Many of our members may fall into the COVID-19 high-risk category, so please take personal responsibility for your actions to help protect yourself and your fellow members.

In order to facilitate the safe opening of the club we will be instituting a few temporary rules for the shooters to follow.

  1. The clubhouse and bar will be closed; access to the bathrooms will be made available.
  2. Face masks must be worn on property unless actively shooting.
  3. Shooters must come out on an appointment basis only.  This will be done by calling (715-318-5081) and scheduling your shooting time.  All appointments must be made prior to the day of shooting. No walk-ins will be allowed.
  4. Trap Shooting will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30pm – 8:00pm (last shooting time will be 8:00pm).
  5. You will be allowed 15 min per round in the schedule. 
  6. We will only be using three traps (1,3,5). Each Trap will be assigned a specific distance range. 
    Trap 1 – 22-24 yards
    Trap 3 – 22-24 yards
    Trap 5 – 20-22 yards
  7. At the time you make your appointment, you will need to know the time, number of rounds, whether this is a bank, shoot ahead or open, and what team you wish to shoot for. 
  8. When scheduling your time, you may reserve an appointment for another shooter(s) for the same time period and trap.
  9. We understand with advanced scheduling, conflicts can occur. If you are not able to make your scheduled time, please call to cancel, to open the slot for someone else. 
  10. All shooting will be done in consecutive rounds on one trap only.  You will not be allowed to shoot on different traps on the same night.
  11. We ask that you be ready to shoot on your assigned trap at the assigned time. We will be announcing over the PA system, but please be ready to take the field as soon as the previous squad clears the trap field.
  12. We ask that you arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before your scheduled time and leave 10 minutes after you are done shooting. Socializing on the club property between, before or after rounds is not permitted by the Safer at Home Order.
  13. Please practice social distancing while on the club property. You will be asked to leave if this is not observed.
  14. No automatic calling will be available. All traps will be set up for manual pulling only.
  15. When walking from station 5 to station 1, please remain 6 ft from your fellow squad shooters.
  16. Please do not congregate around the trap scorer station at any time. After the round is complete, the trap scorer will read off the posted scores.
  17. Shoot aheads and Bank scores will be recorded, but must be identified when setting up your appointment. Distances for where your team must shoot will be available on the website or when you call for your appointment.
    Tuesday night teams, check here for your yardages.
    Wednesday night teams, check here for your yardages.
  18. To allow for the flexible scheduling that will occur for the Handicap league, if you are planning to record a shoot ahead, when scheduling your appointment, please provide the date (not week) you wish the shoot-ahead to count.
  19. Memberships and tickets will not be available for sale. Shooting by League members will be tracked and they will be invoiced. Non-league members will need to pay for rounds at time of shooting. 
  20. You will be able to buy your shells and shooting supplies when you arrive at the club. Please provide enough time to handle this before your scheduled appointment. Please follow the posted instructional signs.
  21. We ask that you only purchase your shooting supplies on days you are scheduled to shoot.
  22. Trap range will be closed when inclement weather is present. This is due to the fact that with the guidelines that have to be followed, there can not be any gathering of people in the building.  

    Call 715-318-5081 to schedule appointments

    We will do our best to accommodate all shooters’ requests within the safety protocols outlined above.

    These rules are temporary and subject to change at any time. Please check the website for any updates.

    Please, if you are a high-risk individual or are feeling anything less than 100% stay home! Be Safe!

    The Board and the Trap Committee understand that this is going to be a challenge for everyone.  We want everyone to stay safe and healthy so that we all can be out enjoying the Club together.  The rules and guidelines that we have laid out above are only temporary.  We don’t know yet what the rest of the year will bring or when, or if, we will ever back to normal as we knew it. 

    What we do know is that there are individuals in our community that do not like us (i.e. people who own guns) and will try to use this current situation to their advantage.  We need to ensure that to all the eyes that will be cast upon us that we are seen as doing everything we can to follow the to letter the rules set down in the State Order.  And there will be eyes.  We ask all our members that will be coming out to shoot opens, banks and shoot ahead scores to be diligent and to abide by the rules and guidelines that are laid out above. 

    League shooting schedules will be revised and posted when we have a better idea of when we will be able to open up the rest of the trap line for shooting.  We are currently planning to run a shortened Handicap League season of some sort and are planning on a start date of Tuesday, June 2nd and Wednesday, June 3rd.  Championship Shoot Off Day will be rescheduled as well in order to accommodate the changes to the season.  Again, this is all dependent on if the Club will be allowed to open fully for shooting after May 26th. 

    The Board and Trapshooting Committee would like to thank all the members in advance for their understanding and cooperation during this time. 

    Please stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of yourselves, your family and your loved ones. We cannot wait to be able to see everyone out at the Club again soon.

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