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Rifle Range Update

There has been a change in plans for the Rifle and Pistol Range.

It will not be opening as originally planned.  Open dates will be announced in the future.

Until the Stay at Home order and the extension are lifted and all businesses can resume normal operations, the Board of Directors is going to continue to require that anyone coming out to shoot at the ranges to wear a mask.  This includes staff and volunteers running the ranges.  The Range Officers that have scheduled to open the range are not willing to wear a mask at this time.  More information regarding their personal reasons are not currently available.

Other questions regarding the selling of memberships and handling of materials at the range have also not been adequately addressed at this time.  More planning and a determination on how to handle daily fees and club memberships need to be finalized.

We know this is not what the membership wants to hear.  We know shooters want to get out to the ranges and enjoy the club and its facilities.  But until the club can operate fully and without extra restrictions, we all have to abide by these temporary conditions.  

The Board of Directors would like to emphasize that these temporary changes to the club operations and restrictions are being done not only for the safety of our members and staff, but also for the long term viability of the club as a whole.  Like it has been stated in past posts, during this time there will be those out there that will be looking for any reason to shine a bad light on the club.  It is the hope of the Board that by being diligent in our efforts that this can be avoided.

The Board of Directors, Trapshooting Committee and Rifle Range RSO’s all would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this time.


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