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Update 2020 League Shooting

Updated 6/1/2020.  Changes and additions highlighted in blue.

Since the last post regarding the 2020 League season, there have been a few changes to the rules and regulations that the Club has to abide by to stay open.  

Most of the new procedures that were laid out in the previous post will still apply.

League will still start the first Tuesday and Wednesday of June.  Check the schedules for your teams time and trap.
2020 Tuesday Handicap Trap Schedule – 12WK
2020 Wednesday Handicap Trap Schedule – 12WK

Also, check out the new digital scoreboards here.  Click on the league division that your team is in and you will be directed to a page with the same digital scoreboards that are on display in the club house. 

The time limits on when to arrive and when to leave will be lifted but we are asking that shooters still limit their time at the club.  There are limits on how many people we can have on the grounds at one time.  

Because of the limits on the number of people on the grounds, we will ask that only shooters come out during shooting hours. Please no spectators until the county lifts these restrictions. 

Mask requirements will be lifted but still suggested.

Shoot ahead procedures from the last post will be the same. Shoot ahead requirements for the 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 time slots will not be enforced this season.  Shoot aheads will continue to be scheduled ahead of time just like open shooting is now.  Please continue to call 715-318-5081 to schedule any shoot ahead rounds.

Also, shoot aheads can be scheduled starting at 9:00am until 4:00pm the day of the shoot and will start at 6:00pm.  The first shooter to schedule a slot on a squad will pick the yardline.  Spots still open on the squads will be filled that night.  We will be trying to post the shoot ahead  squading the afternoon before the start of league so shooters will be able to see what was still available.  If anyone is at the club prior to the start of league shooting and there are score keepers available, other traps will be open for shoot aheads.

Team score sheets will be at the traps with the score keepers.  One person from the team will collect the tickets, give them to the score keeper and will tell the score keeper who is shooting on that squad/team.  The score keeper will write down the names of the shooters and will hold on to the tickets and score cards.

Also, the score keepers will move the voice callers between each team.  This will also limit the number of contacts.

We are also going to ask that shooters pick up their own spent hulls.  At the end of the round, please pick up what was dropped and place them in the hull buckets at each trap.    

If shooters still want to record bank scores for the season, those can be shot the first two weeks of the season.  Also, make up scores will still be allowed this season.   

As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep everyone informed.

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