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Rifle Range Dates

The Rifle/Pistol Range at the Club is ready to re-open.

The Club will continue to operate the Rifle/Pistol Range as it started to do last year.  Only open while under the supervision of Club RSO’s.  The group of Range Officers currently volunteering with the Club has met and is in the process of forming a schedule of open times.  You can find the calendar for the Rifle/Pistol Range here. 

The Rifle/Pistol Range is open to all club members.  If you have not yet purchased your 2020 Membership, the RSO’s will have some available to purchase when you arrive.  You can also visit Scheels or Marc-On Shooting and purchase your membership there.

Membership rates have not changed for this year.  They are as follows:
Individual Adult: $25
Family (spouses and children in the household under 18): $35
Youth (under 18): $5

There will still be a daily fee for using the range.  Again, this is to help offset the costs incurred in updating and improving the range.  These costs are as follows:
Daily Fee: $5
5 Day Punch Card: $20

Please be prepared to pay with either check or exact cash.  The RSO’s may not have change available.

Please be sure to review the range rules before coming out to shoot.  These should help answer most questions people may have.  

All shooters still need to remember to practice social distancing, even while outside on the range.  While the Safer At Home extension order specifically states that shooting ranges are deemed essential, we all need to be diligent in making sure that we do not give anyone who would like to see the range shut down permanently any opening to do so.  There will be eyes upon us.  Some of those from people in our community that will use any slip to their advantage.  

Please keep watch for any updates to the range opening schedule.  More times should be posted soon.  Remember, these openings are based on having an RSO on duty at the range.  If for any reason that the RSO cannot open the range as scheduled due to illness or another unforeseen circumstance, we will try to update the calendar as fast as we can.


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