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2020 16 Yard League

The 2020 Season of the 16 Yard League is scheduled to start Monday June 15th.  There will still be 5 nights of shooting.  Due to the COVID-19 issue, we have altered the schedule slightly from what was originally released on the General Shooting Schedule at the beginning of the year.  Please refer to the 16 Yard Schedule for all shoot dates, times and trap numbers.

You can view the schedule here.

Shoot dates this year are as follows:
June 15th
June 29th
July 13th
July 27th
August 3rd

Also, like the Handicap league, the scoreboards will be digital this year.  Links to the League Scoreboards and links directly to specific teams will be available shortly.

Shooters will be asked to abide by the same social distancing guidelines while at the range as those set for the Tuesday and Wednesday night handicap shooters.  We will attempt to keep everyone posted regarding rules and guideline changes they occur. 

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