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COVID-19 Update

We have a report of a Club member that has tested positive for Corona Virus. The member shot last week, did not enter the club house, did not approach the trap help, shot their score and immediately left. The Board wants members to know so they can decide for themselves whether to come out to shoot or stay home.

Going forward, the Board of Directors has authorized the Trap Committee to continue to open the club for shooting on Tuesday and Wednesday night this coming week.

The very last thing that anyone wants is to have the Club become a center of an outbreak. We all need to do our part. That will include:

  • If you feel ill at all, stay home
  • Maintain social distancing while on Club grounds
  • Limit your time at the Club
  • Only shooters should be at the Club, no spectators
  • Have only one person from the team collect tickets from the shooters and bring to the score keeper.
  • Pick up your empties when done shooting if they fell on the ground
  • Score keepers will continue to move the voice callers.

Also, before each teams scheduled start time, Bob is asking team captains or a representative, meet at the flag pole for a briefing on the rules and consequences for not following the rules.

The Board of Directors and the Trap Committee would like to remind all the members that these rules need to be followed. If these rules are not being followed, the Club will have to shut down for shooting again for an indefinite time. This will be evaluated on a week by week basis.

We are now three weeks into league shooting, and there have been numerous observed instances where social distancing rules have not been followed.

If anyone has any questions, please reach out to the Board or Trap Committee and we will do our best to answer and address your questions or concerns.

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