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2021 April ATA Shoot

This year’s ATA season is upon us. April 17th and 18th will be the first shoot of the year. Hopefully the weather will hold out for us. You just never can tell with April. You can check out the program online here.

We hope to see all our friends from the club and the rest of the surrounding area that we didn’t get to see last year.

We will have some shells available for sale by the box. Our supply is limited, like everyone else’s, but we do have some.

UPDATE: All results are now posted on our website. You can view them here.

We want to thank all the shooters that came out to the club over the weekend. The weather cooperated with us and even with the ammunition supply the way it is, we ended up with a really good shoot.

Thanks again to the shooters and guests, the helpers, our staff.

Remember to put May 15th and 16th on your calendars for our next shoot as well as June 18th through the 20th for the Northwest Zone. The program for the May shoot can be found here and the zone shoot program is out, just not put online yet.

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