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2021 May ATA

This weekend is the second ATA shoot of the season. We are hoping for the weather to hold out and for another great turn out.

You can check out the shoot program here.

Results are coming in. Check them out here.

New to ATA or don’t know what that is?

Well in a nut shell, ATA, or Amateur Trapshooting Association, shoots are individual competitions in American Trapshooting. Rules and registration is governed by the ATA. You can find more information on the ATA at

The shoot is broken down into three different disciplines. The first is the 16 Yard, or Singles, event. All shooters shoot from the 16 yard line, the closest a shooter could be to the trap, and are divided out into classes based on their established averages. The next event is the Handicap event. All the shooters are assigned a specific yard line to shoot from starting at the 18 yard line, all the way back to the 27 yard line. Shooters can move back in yardage by shooting high scores at other ATA shoots. The last event shot at ATA shoots is the Doubles event. All shooters shoot from the 16 yard line again, but two targets are thrown at once and the shooters must attempt to break both while they are still in the air.

The number of targets that the shooters shoot at varies, but most shoots will feature 100 target events and will have one, two or all three events during the shoot. Some trap clubs will host one day shoots, some will host two day shoots over the whole weekend. Other shoots, often large State or Region wide shoots, run all week and into the weekend. For example, the Wisconsin State Shoot, held at the Wisconsin Trapshooters Association (WTA) Homegounds in Rome, WI, will start on Tuesday, July 13th and run through Sunday, July 18th. Shooters will have the opportunity to shoot at and attempt to break 1400 targets if they were to start on Tuesday and shoot every event.

Want to learn more? The best way to learn more to come out to our next shoot on June 18th, 19th and 20th.

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