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Handicap League 1st Half Results

It seems like we just started shooting, but the first half of the Handicap League is already complete.  There are a number of ties for the first half that will be resolved in the coming week.

 All ties have been resolved.  Congrats to our first half winners and good luck to all the teams in the second half.

ClassTuesday NightWednesday Night
AAChicken ChokersEarth Blind
ARolly’s WingnutsCoulson
BResco1st Call Mechanical
CCharter BankKlevgaard Bookkeeping
DNick’s AutomotiveViking
EYoung GunsEBJ
FCody Limo/EC Fire #1Milwaukee Burger
GPowder & SmokeTews Construction
HEC Fire #3Terman Engineering
IOrange CrushedShooters and Shakers
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