ATA Registered Shooting

Each summer the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club is host to a number of two or three day Amateur Trapshooters Association registered shooting tournaments.  These tournaments give ATA members a chance to compete against one another in any, or all, of three different events.  

For the Sixteen Yard event, all participants shoot the program targets from the sixteen yard line.  Shooters are classified into a number of different classes based on an average of previously scored registered targets. 

In the Handicap event, shooters must shoot their program targets from their ATA assigned yard line. 

The last event is Doubles.  In Doubles, the shooter shoots from the sixteen yard line at pairs of targets thrown at the same time. 

Click here to see the ATA Shooting Schedule for the EC Rod and Gun. 

For more information on Registered Shooting, please take a look at the Amateur Trapshooters Association website.