League Shooting

League shooting continues to be a central part of club activities during the summer months.  For sixteen weeks in the summer, forty teams, of ten shooters each, compete on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

Teams are divided into ten classes with four teams in each class.  Each night, teams compete against one of the others in their class.  With the sixteen week season divided into two eight week halves, competition is fierce to win the first and second half.  Winners of the halves go on to compete against each other at the Club's annual League Shoot-off Day for  a chance to shoot against the winner from the other night for League Club Champion.

The Club also hosts five nights of 16 Yard League.  For the 16 Yard League, teams of five shooters compete against each other to win the Club 16 Yard Class Champion. 

In the fall, after the regular Trap league season is over, a couple of the trap fields are set up for Modified International Trap.  In Modified International Trap the targets come out faster and the machine will oscillate in the left and right direction and in the up and down direction. 

For questions about any of the Clubs league shooting opportunities, please see either Lee Mathson or Bob Webber at the Club.