Rifle Range

The rifle and pistol range at the club is open to all members to use.  Hours of operation is from 9:00 am to dusk.  The range is closed Sundays from May 1st to October 1st, Holidays and some special occasions.

The rifle range has a burm with target holders set at 100 yards and there are five shooting benches to shoot from.  There are also a couple of other target holders at 50 and 25 yards.  The target holders are heavy rubber "cow" mats.  If you are going to use these, it is recomended that you bring a staple gun to attach the targets.

The pistol range is integrated into the rifle range.  The burms are set closer and there are target holders at 25 yards, 50 feet and 25 feet.  There are a couple of high shooting tables to set your gear on and to shoot from behind.   Again the target holders are rubber "cow" mats.