Youth Trapshooting Program

Each summer, the Club sponsors a Youth Trapshooting Program that strives to introduce youth to the sport of trapshooting.

With a focus on safety, sound fundamentals and fun, volunteer instructors teach youth shooting for eight weeks during the summer.  An orientation night before the shooting begins is also recommended for new youth, or any youth who would like a quick refresher on basics before the season begins.  

The youth shoot on their own night of the week.  Each squad is supervised by at least two volunteer instructors.  One doing the individual coaching and the other pulling the targets, keeping score and watching over all the shooters.  

Shooting fees for the youth have been covered by generous donations by Club members and local businesses.  Some donations have also been used to purchase trap guns to loan out.  This ensures that any youth that wants to learn to shoot trap will have the opportunity to. 

At the end of the season, the youth shooters gather at the Club's Annual Shoot-off Day awards night.  Here, the youth shooters and their accomplishments are showcased and recognized.

For questions about the Youth Trapshooting Program, contact any of the following at the Club.

Jason Berry
Howie Edington
Lamoine Nelson
Jim Berry
Bob Webber