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Rifle Range Update

Rifle Range Update


The word from the logger is that they should be finishing up working in and around the rifle range this week.  As of right now we will open the range for shooting on Saturday. 

We heard from the logger this morning.  They are going to be moving into and behind the rifle range tomorrow, Wednesday June 24th.  Starting tomorrow the rifle/pistol range will be closed while the loggers are working in that area.  Due to safety concerns, no shooting will be allowed on the rifle/pistol range during this time, even if it appears that the loggers are not actively cutting.  There could still be personnel working behind the range.  They did not give us a time table as to when they will be finished with that area.  When we find out from them, we will pass the information on.  

We appreciate the patience from the members while this project is in progress.  Periodic logging is part of the Managed Forest program that a great majority of Club land is in.  This program keeps the tax burden on the Club down, allowing us to keep membership dues lower, among other things. 

Keep watching the website and facebook page for updates.

If you have been out by the club in the past week you have probably seen that the logging has started.  Currently they are working on the area around the archery range.  The plan is to work their way around and they will be cutting around and behind the rifle range.  They will also be using the range lot for a loading area.  

The rifle/pistol range will be CLOSED while the logger is working in that area.  We have spoken with the loggers and they know that they need to finish that area quickly.  We have also told them that we need a couple days of notice before they start in that area.

We will keep everyone posted to updates as we get them.

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we work through this logging project.