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Rifle and Pistol Range

  1. All firearms shall be unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case until the shooter is on the firing line.
  2. All persons must register with the Range Officer and pay a user fee if applicable before any firearm is un-cased.
  3. It is the responsibility of all Range Users to know and obey all range rules. Before using the range, all users must read the Range Rules and sign an acknowledgment that they have read the Range Rules and agree to abide by the rules.
  4. Know where others are at all times.
  5. All shooting will be in authorized areas only.
  6. Do not handle a firearm or stand at the firing line while others are down range.
  7. Stop shooting immediately upon the command “Cease Firing.”
  8. All firearms on the firing line shall be handled in a safe manner.
  9. When at the bench muzzle must be kept down range. When moving from one point to another the muzzle must be vertical.
  10. Keep finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  11. Keep all firearms unloaded and all actions open until on the firing line and ready to fire.
  12. Any firearm requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line to an area designated by a Range Officer.
  13. No shooting at unauthorized targets. At no time shall any individual discharge a firearm in a manner that potentially jeopardizes the safety of others. This may include shooting at target stands or frames, or any such material that may cause potentially dangerous debris.  Shoot only so that the projectile impacts the backstop berm.
  14. All Shooters are required to pickup all targets they used and all spent ammunition casings when finished with shooting, and put in provided containers. Failure to retrieve such targets and casings shall be considered littering and subject the violator to possible fines and loss of shooting privileges at the range. Shooters are required to clean up their own area after use. “ Help keep the range clean”
  15. All range brass left in containers will become property of Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club to be sold and proceeds will go toward range maintenance.
  16. Everyone must have ear and eye protection on at all times while in the range building. Spectators are also required to wear ear and eye protection if within 25 ft of active firing line. 
  17. Spectators will remain outside the shooting area unless otherwise authorized by a Range Officer.
  18. Prior to leaving the firing line, a shooter must unload and make their firearm safe.
  19. All firearms must be cased before leaving the range building.
  20. Obey all commands from Range Officers.
  21. Politely and positively respond when corrected concerning a violation of Range rules.
  22. Adult supervision is required for all shooters under the age of 18.
  23. Safety briefing to be given to all groups, organizations, clubs, etc., before any shooting takes place.
  24. Harassment will not be tolerated by anyone at the range.
  25. No one shooter to be permitted more than four (4) firearms per visit. No more than one hour of shooting time, exception if no one else is present waiting to shoot.
  26. No Full Auto Firearms allowed .
  27. No armor piercing or tracer ammunition allowed on the range.
  28. No explosive targets are permitted on the range.
  29. No .50BMG is permitted on the range
  30. Failure to follow the range rules or Ranger Officer’s instructions will result in being asked to leave the range, or any further confrontation law enforcement will be contacted.

    These rules may be reviewed by the
    Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club Board of Directors and are subject to change.

Do I have to be a member to use the Rifle and Pistol range?
Yes.  The Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club’s Rifle and Pistol range is closed to members only.  Memberships can be purchased at the Club House during open trapshooting hours.  We hope to offer memberships at remote locations again soon.  Please continue to watch the newsletter, facebook and website for updates regarding memeberships.  
Adult memberships are $25 per calendar year.  Family (spouses and children under 18 living together) memberships are $35 per calendar year.  Youth (under 18) memberships are $5 per calendar year.

Is there an additional fee to use the rifle and pistol range?
Yes.  Starting August 1st, 2019, there will be a daily use fee for the rifle and pistol range of $5 per day per adult shooter.  Range fees will be waived for youth shooters accompanied by parent or guardian.
The range fees are to help offset the cost of the range improvements that were done to improve the safety and overall shooting experience.

What can I shoot on the rifle and pistol range?
The rifle side of the range can be used with any rifle except those chambered in .50BMG or any full auto, burst mode or binary trigger systems.  
There is a designated area on the rifle side for 50 yard rim fire rifles.
The pistol side will be for pistol shooting only.  Again, no full auto, burst mode or binary trigger systems. 

What kind of targets can I use?
You can bring and use any type of paper type target that you wish.  There are target holders at all shooting locations that they can be hung from.  Targets must be hung so that all shots will go into the berms