Notes for the Rifle Range

Closure Dates:  From May 1st to October 1st the Rifle and Pistol range is closed on Sundays and holidays, or when closed by the Board of Directors.  The range will be closed on the following dates:
Saturday, April 28th
Sunday, April 29th
Saturday, May 19th
Friday, June 8th
Saturday, June 9th
Saturday, August 4th
Saturday, August 25th

Only shoot at paper and cardboard targets on the backstops
Do NOT shoot at targets on the ground.
Do NOT shoot clay targets placed on the ground.
Do NOT shoot the steel frames that hold the targets.
Pick up and take your paper and cardboard targets home with you.
Pick up all your shotgun and slug shell casing, you may leave all brass on the ground.
Only shoot at targets directly in front of your shooting bench, no shooting across range.
Share the range safely with other club members.
Lock the gates behind you.
NO fully automatic guns allowed.
On the pistol range: ONLY use rim fire and handguns.  NO shotguns, rifles or muzzleloaders.
Eye and hearing protection required.  ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST!