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Youth Trapshooting Development Program

Each summer, the Club sponsors a Youth Trapshooting Program that strives to introduce youth to the sport of trapshooting.

With a focus on safety, sound fundamentals and fun, volunteer instructors teach youth shooting for eight weeks during the summer.  An orientation night before the shooting begins is also recommended for new youth, or any youth who would like a quick refresher on basics before the season begins.  

The youth shoot on their own night of the week.  Each squad is supervised by at least two volunteer instructors.  One doing the individual coaching and the other pulling the targets, keeping score and watching over all the shooters.  

Shooting fees for the youth have been covered by generous donations by Club members and local businesses.  Some donations have also been used to purchase trap guns to loan out.  This ensures that any youth that wants to learn to shoot trap will have the opportunity to. 

At the end of the season, the youth shooters gather at the Club’s Annual Shoot-off Day awards night.  Here, the youth shooters and their accomplishments are showcased and recognized.

For questions about the Youth Trapshooting Program, contact any of the following at the Club.

Jason Berry
Jen Berg
Rick Counoyer
Ron Bowers
Eric Stillman
Bob Webber




May 27th


Orientation – 7:00pm

June 3rd


Shooting – 6:00pm

June 10th


Shooting – 6:00pm

June 17th


Shooting – 6:00pm

June 24th


Shooting – 6:00pm

July 1st


Shooting – 6:00pm

July 8th


Shooting – 6:00pm

July 15th


No Shooting

July 22th


Shooting – 6:00pm

July 28st


Shooting – 6:00pm




August 21st


Awards Night – 6:00pm


Note for the year:

WILL NOT be shooting on Thursday July 15
will still be 8 scores counted for the totals unless there are
We will continue to sign up for shooting times on the
previous Thursday.

Night, May 27th at 7:00PM.

new shooters to the league are highly encouraged to attend.

new or returning shooters that cannot make it to the Orientation
Night, please be sure to check in at the desk your first night of
shooting.  We need to make sure we get all your information so
we can sort you into the right age groups.


All youth
shooters will be competing against other shooters in their same age
These groups will be:
Under 12
12 and 13
14 and

Shooting Dates  

There will be no shooting on July
15th due to the Wisconsin State Shoot.

Shooting fees: Shooting is free to youths participating in the program. Costs are covered by donations and contributions from the Club and by club members.

Firearms: Loaner firearms are available in the Club house during shooting hours.  During the Thursday night program, firearms will be laid out on the tables. Note: Please do not take a firearm until your squad is called to shoot and return it as soon as you are finished.

Shells: The program will furnish each shooter with one box of shells a night.  Any other shells may be purchased from the sign up desk.

Hearing Protection: Hearing protection of some kind is required for any shooter to wear while on the line shooting.  This can include ear plugs or ear muffs. Disposable foam ear plugs will be available at the desk at no charge if needed.

Eye Protection: Eye protection of some kind is required for any shooter to wear while on the line shooting.  This can include safety glasses, shooting specific glasses, sun glasses or prescription eye glasses. Loaner eye protection will be available in the Club house if needed.

Shooting Pouch/Shell Holder: A pouch of some fashion to hold the shells while shooting is recommended.  These can be purchased at most of the sporting goods stores and some of the major department stores. There are also some pouches available to purchase in the Club house and some for loan as well.  Please do not take a loaner pouch until your squad has been called to shoot and return it as soon as you are finished.

Age Groups: The shooters are divided into age groups.  Under 12, 12 and 13, 14 and up. There will also be a Beginner group for those shooters that have not shot trap before.

Scores: There will be eight (8) nights of shooting barring any rain outs.  If there is a complete rain out, the night will be canceled completely and the program will be run with the remaining number of nights shot.  If there were any shoot ahead scores made for the rain out night, those scores will be placed in the next night that scores are recorded. Example: Shooter A shot ahead for Week 3.  Week 3 was a rain out. The shoot ahead score will be counted for the Week 4 score.

Shoot Aheads/Make ups: If there is a night that a shooter cannot make it out to shoot their scores, a shoot ahead score or a make up score is allowed.  Simply mark the score sheet under the Week column, what week the score will count for. If presquading, please make a note of which week the score is to count for.

Rain outs:  A rain out will be called by the instructors as soon as possible.  Usually this will mean before 6:00PM. If the night is canceled due to weather, an announcement will be placed on the Club’s facebook page as well as the Club’s Youth Trapshooting Program facebook page.  A notice may go up on the Club’s website if time allows. If a total rain out occurs, the night will be canceled completely and the program will be run with the remaining number of night shot.

Partial Rain outs:  If during the course of the night we are forced to stop shooting due to weather, any scores shot will be counted for that night.  If anyone was not able to shoot their scores because of the cancellation, that week’s scores can be made up on any of the remaining nights of shooting.  If the partial rain out happens on the last night of shooting, the instructors will discuss options with the shooters and parents about getting the scores in.

Practice Rounds: New for 2015  Shooters will be limited to one round per night for the first part of the season.  This is to make sure that everyone gets a chance to shoot and in a timely manner. If, later in the season practice rounds are allowed, please make sure to mark the score sheet or pre-squad sheet that the round will be a practice round.  Failure to do so and the first round shot in the night will be counted for that nights score.

Straight Away Targets:  A number of traps will be set on Straight Away targets.  The machines will be locked so they will not oscillate. These squads will be designated with “Straights” on the score sheet and the pre-squading sheet.  These squads are for new and inexperienced shooters. So that everyone gets a chance to shoot and in a timely manner, if you have been shooting Angled targets, please do not sign up on a Straights squad.

Angled Targets: These traps will have the machines set to oscillate as they would during a standard round of American trap.  These squads will be designated with “Angles” on the score sheets and the pre-squading sheet. If you are new or inexperienced shooter, please do not sign up on and Angled squad.